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  • Furnace Cleaning

For ONLY $59.95 you'll get a fourteen point checkup...We remove the burners and then clean them. We visually check out the heat exchanger, restart the equipment, inspect safety components and limits for proper functionallity, and if there are any problems, we immediately notify the client of the issue(s).

  • Refrigerant

The “lifeblood” of any air conditioning and heat pump system is its refrigerants – a chemical used in the refrigeration cycle. For several decades, the “refrigerant of choice” in HVAC systems has been HCFC-22, also known as R-22. *For a limited time, we're offering TWO cylinders of R-22 Refrigerant for $175.00 plus tax.

We also have the following available, for a limited time...

            ●  R-410a  Refrigerant (Two Cylinders). . .. . .. . .. . ...$210.00 plus Tax*

            ●  134a   Refrigerant (Two Cylinders). . .. . .. . .. . . ...$205.00 plus Tax*

*Must carry/present your Certification

*Must Purchase 2 Cannisters to receive this price.

For years of dependable service, this Tappan Microwave is an Energy Saver!  Reduced for quick sale!!! ...$185.00

            Tappan® 30-Inch, 1.5 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave (Color: White)

                                         "Wholesale to the Public" (Indianapolis)


                                                                  Those hard to find ones...

...and those more easily located.

                                                       "ATI X1300 video card"


                                                      "Digital Multimeter"


A set of never used, brand new Meters for the low, low price of $50.00.Never used, brand new Meter for the low, low price of $25.00.

For a Limited Time:  For Service Calls within the 46221 and adjoining Zip Codes, we're currently charging $85.00 for the first half-hour, then $85.00 for each hour thereafter, ...Plus parts, of course.